People who are born in Pakistan but are the immigrants of Canada are living dejected and wretched life below the poverty line. As a Canadian census has shown that 44% of the Pakistani immigrants are below the poverty line which makes them the second largest poverty group in Canada. Many of the Pakistani engineers, doctors and unfortunately even the PhD holders are driving taxis in the major cities of Canada. As a research have shown that 3rd taxi driver is either Indian or Pakistani an many are still unemployed even after being highly qualified, this have ultimately increased the burden on the taxpayers of Canada as they are bearing the encumbrance of theses unemployed people too.

According to a survey in 2005 it was being reported that Pakistani born immigrants are the second largest low income paid employees in Canada as they have the maximum cut-offs and low payments. While India has only 18% of the incidence of low income and the immigrants from Portugal, Italy, Germany and UK have reported the minimum low income incidence in Canada. In the Arab countries they have refused to accommodate the immigrants in working in their countries, unlike them Canada has not restrained the immigrants from succeeding in their country, but this Pakistani Canadians are living a miserable lifedoes not mean that there are no barriers in Canada. In fact there are. Like the Pakistani doctors cannot practice medicine in Canada until or unless they pass several more clearance test and if not they are not eligible to perform their activities. Even after all these opportunities and barriers Pakistani immigrants were unable to stabilize themselves in Canada as in 2005 Pakistani born immigrant was earning 70% of the income earned by the Canadian as compared to the India where they were earning 87% with respect to Canadian national earning.

Due to the low earning Pakistani born immigrants have the lowest proportion of home ownership which is only 55% in Canada while as compared to Indian born immigrants who have the home ownership of about 75% in Canada? There are several reasons behind this destructive condition this is because Pakistani families are usually larger in number as almost 44% of the Pakistani immigrants in Canada hold a family of 5 or more members as compared to Indian born immigrants who only possess 13% of their total population having families of 5 or more members. So serving so many people in such unfavorable conditions will always be difficult. Even after having all the same economic and social opportunities still Pakistani immigrants lack as compared to the Indian. One of the main reason is that Pakistani people can’t create those social links in such countries because born in Pakistan and then arriving in Canada, as there social liberal values always hinders between the Pakistani based ideology. As they can’t dictate as they used to do in Pakistan because family freedom is the social value in Canada, this constraint creates wide gaps amongst the head of the family and its siblings in such countries for even decades.

For those specific reasons there are high and drastic changes in the immigration policies of Canada because they have to cop up with the increasing number of unemployment causing an adverse effect on the national economy. As now they have made a policy that no immigrant can sponsor his family in Canada until he or she has a well earning job available before arriving tin Canada. It was a time when Pakistan was the highest number of immigrant provider to Canada but now they have declined to almost 100% and now they don’t fall even in the top 10 immigrant providers list to Canada. Pakistan still has millions of applications waiting for the immigration to Canada but the main reason of not processing those applications might be the negative impact of Pakistani immigrants in Canada as the Canadian government is not satisfied with the previous performances which have left thousands of Pakistani immigrations application un-processed for years.


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