Documents Checklist For Ireland Study Visa. There are many steps in making the study Visa for Ireland or any other country. There is no single type of Document Checklist for the Ireland Visa. Before you apply for Ireland study visa you make sure you have all your original documents ready. We recommend that you start putting your supporting documents together in advance and provide to any of our educational consultant on demand.

There is no fixed checklist for the documents needed for Ireland study visa, as each student’s circumstances are different. We recommend that you provide us all relevant documents which can provide as much credible evidence as they can for your individual visa application.

For Student

Letter of Acceptance & fee receipt (Original & 1 copy)
C.V / Biodata until current month (Original & 2 copy)
All experience letters (Original & 2 copy)
All educational documents (Original & 2 copy, Attested by Notary Public)
Visa fee draft of Rs. 5,850/- Payable to “Consulate of Ireland Karachi”
(Original & 2 Sets of photocopies first three and last three pages or and page having visa)
Common Photo (Passport size, 3 Photographs)
Student Declaration Original on 20 Rs, Stamp paper (1 Original & 1 Copy)
Student English Proficiency Letter from college last attended or IELTS/ TOFEL report

For Sponsor

Affidavit by sponsor (1 Origianl on 20 Rs. Stamp paper & 1 Copy)
Sponsor Business/Job Documents Including his/her Visiting Card.
Business Latter head, a brief business profile.
NTN Copy.
Tax return Copy.
Chamber of commerce membership copy or any other document.
If sponsor is doing job his employment letter with job details & designation, salary slips etc.
Bank statement if sponsor of last 6 months with end balance of Rs. 10 Lac or higher, Bank Loan does instead of statement, Overcast details bond.Sponsor/Student property.
Valuation Assessment Certificate of property from any property dealer or architect should be in English & copies of land/building.(1 Original & 1 Copy)
Visa form duly filled and signed.(Original & Copy)
Notes For Documents Checklist For Ireland Study Visa:

The samples of above said documents are available in our office.
Bank statement & property valuation certificates should come with visiting card of Bank Manager & Dealer.
Statement be computerized as visa officer do not accept hand written statement.
Bank transactions may be less in past but ending balance should be having amounts Rs. 10 Lacs or more.
In C.V/Biodata, please include Tel No, Email etc. of school universities you studied.
Students arranging sponsors from abroad should provide their passport and residence copies along with other documents.
All Photocopies should be in A4 size and should be powder copies. Bad copies, cut off papers, unreadable copies are not acceptable and will be returned back.
Visa processing time is usually 4-6 weeks but depends on Dublin Visa Officer.


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