Qatar driving jobs

Qatar is economical fantastic country and it is only due to natural products exports to other parts of the world. Qatar has amazing infrastructure due to classic construction companies and has hundreds of oil and gas companies. Qatar oil refineries and oil fields are located in entire country. Qatar also has thousands on other companies and organization which are in operation. All these institutes in Qatar require both heavy and light vehicles drivers. Qatar oil and gas companies, construction companies demand heavy vehicles drivers, which drives trucks, trailers and heavy machines. Similarly, buses drivers are required by educational institutes and public transportation within city. The light vehicles drivers are needed by hotels as drivers, personal home drivers, office drivers, airport drivers and other private companies drivers. Qatar authorities induct more experienced, qualified and valid licensed holder driver in this country. It is also necessary for drivers that they know the highways and roads in this country.

Qatar drivers main task is to transport the products or luggage to other part of the city or country. However, the personal drivers or office drivers of light vehicles only provide pick and drop facilities to executives, businessmen and other government employees or private personalities. It is prime responsibility of the drivers that they must fulfill his task within given time frame and load and unload his vehicles if required. Similarly, he must maintain and in order his vehicle. Always check its function, oil, tires and other components. It is also responsibility of the drivers that they must inform the higher authority regarding the condition of the vehicle quarterly or monthly basis. It is also necessary for the drivers that they drive carefully and ensure the safety of the travelers. In hotels drivers transport the visitors from airport to hotels and other desire destination. It is necessary for the hotel drivers that they load and unload guest luggage during picking and drop. Similarly, in a city routes bus drivers or heavy vehicle drivers drive buses to transport the public from one point to another.

Qualification and experience
The driver jobs is a skill and it requires skill and experience of this field, but it is more important for drivers that they must have a valid driving license in Qatar. Similarly, it is also vital of both light and heavy drivers that they must be equipped with two to three years experience of driving. In Qatar usually demands drivers having minimum high school education. At the same time, have good know how the Qatar highways and main destinations. In Qatar usually companies and organization induct the driver who is more than 21 years of age and should be physically fit. Sometime companies or employer restructure the drivers for a specific experienced in that case they must follow the instructions.

How to apply
The Qatar driver jobs both heavy vehicles and light vehicles jobs are advertised in news papers, but there are various other jobs advertising websites who advertise these jobs online. The applicant can apply through online by using provided application format. Similarly, sometime provide their contact number and drivers contact the employer directly. The local, recruiting agency also arranges qualified drivers and company executives select drivers through test and interview, but it is necessary that driver must have valid driving license, good physique and experienced.

Salary and other facilities
In Qatar drivers in both major categories earn differently because of vehicles. In this country, different oil and gas companies and other construction companies offer differ salary packages. The pubic drivers are paid differently, but the average salary for drivers in Qatar is about QAR 2000 to QAR 2200 per month with other facilities like company accommodation, food and traveling allowance.


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