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The United Kingdom is a developed and financially stabled country in the Europe. It has rich culture and fantastic jobs opportunities. That is why about all family members go to their jobs and there are different household jobs which are performed by other housekeepers or house maid in the UK. Housekeeper or house maids job are common in England and there are a lot of opportunities for these jobs in various institutes like hotels, hospitals, guest houses and personal homes. House maids are hired by the employer for personal home maintenance, cleaning, vacuuming, dish washing, clothes washing, dusting, ironing dresses, cooking and caring kids. House maid also clean furniture, bathtub, sinks, kitchen, bed sheet changing, cleaning rugs, etc. These houses job are available in both form like part-time and as a full-time. The house maid jobs are usually required about all type families in the UK, but all families takes different services from the house maid.

In the United Kingdom houses job performs different duties and tasks at home, hospital and hotels. At home house maids participate in different household duties like washing, ironing, cooking, caring kids, attending incoming calls and sometime care elder family member or sick person. All house jobs are indicted in advertisement, timing of jobs, as well as salary advertised in job advertisement. House servant or house maid clean rooms, lobbies, clean rugs, carpets, uses vacuum cleaners, caring kids and toddlers and assist them in eating, dress changing, bating, etc. Similarly, he/she also maintains kitchen stock maintain and parches groceries item from the market. The UK employer at domestic level appoints houses maid or servant for kid care during the prime hours, but for this they demand relevant experience and handling. Similarly, there are some jobs to house maid to care the elder family member or sick person round the clock and for this they pay more than recommended salary package.

Qualification and experience
It is necessary for the house job expert or house maid that he/she must have a relevant experience and awareness about all home appliances. However, it is compulsory for the houses maid that he/she must have at least high school education and experience in same field. Moreover, he/she has fantastic communication skills and can get written and oral instruction from employer. It is also vital to house maid that he/she must be honest and does not have any criminal record. Although house jobs does not need any special experience, but kids caring and sick person look after requires specific training or experience.

How to apply
In United Kingdom these house jobs are advertised in leading news papers along with job description and salary details. Similarly, the job hours mentioned as well as job nature or tasks which will be performed by the house maid during his stay. In England, there are various jobs recruiting companies or domestic maid recruiting agent that provides services at employer doorstep. So usually these advertisements to house jobs are advertised by the local employee companies. However, employer also publishes advertisement in news papers along with job description and contact number. The house maid can contact the employer through provided email, contact number, etc.

Salary and other facilities
There are different salary packages in the UK to house maid or house servants. Hotels, hospitals and other commercial organization offer different salaries, but domestic level the salary package is different. However, the average salary package is in between £8.00 to £10 /hour. If the house maid is hired or appointed for the basis, then he/she will get about £8.00/hour while for a short time required servant draw about £10 /hour.

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