UK security guard jobs

The security issues is an international problem and about all countries of the world suffering from this terrible problem. The UK government and private organizations are trying to cope this global issue and in this regard they appoint security guards at different places. The security guards are installed at industries gate, office entrance, hotels and hospital gates. Similarly they are appointed at education institutes and public places to secure the people from any mishaps. The UK security guards are also required in shopping malls and as personal guard at home. The security guard is directly concerned with public safety and assets security. Currently, about all public gathering are secures through efficient and active security force. The security guards usually perform their duties at the entrance point of the companies, offices and institutions. They thoroughly check the visitors and vehicles prior to enter the premises. The UK is an advance country of the Europe and it has fantastic security system through qualified and efficient security guards. These securities guard jobs are now regularly announced in leading news papers and online websites, but security companies also advertise these jobs independently.Responsibilities
The prime responsibilities of the security guard are to protect the lives and properties of the public. The security guard patrols the defined area for security purpose on foot or by vehicle. The security guard screen and check the suspicious individuals and vehicles. On entrance gate the security guard monitor all entered person and vehicles thorough metal detector, scanners and CCTV camera assistance. Security guard in the UK checks the visitors and issue visiting card for security purpose. Security guard also responds any other emergency like fire alarm and control mob in case of strike. He is also responsible to secure all employees and evacuate from disturbed environment to safe zone. The security guard also provides security privately at the home of any employer and secure whole defined area. The security guard observe and monitor the premises through modern technology like CCTV cameras, scanning devices, metal detectors, alarm system and latest weapons. The security guard also handle difficult situation and facilitates the people facing terrible situation.

Qualification and experience
The security guard in the UK are skilled, experienced and qualified. The security guard must have at least high school education along with relevant training from reliable institute. He should be skilled, efficient, confident, situation handler and understand situation swiftly. It is necessary for the security guard that he must be aware about all modern security devises and equipment. He observes and monitors CCTV cameras and takes action in the light of cameras assistance.

How to apply
The security jobs or vacant position are advertised in leading news papers and online website. The online website provides an opportunity to send online application that usually demands personal information, academic and experience details. The security agencies or companies only hire experienced and skilled security guards. However, it is necessary for the applicant for this job that he must be legal in this country and have clean criminal record. Applicant for these securities guards job can send their application along with other experience letters and documents to postal address.

Salary and other facilities
All security guards positions in the UK offer different salary package because salary package varies from employer to employer. Moreover, some security jobs are for part-time and some are full-time. Similarly, some security guard performs as personal security guard and earn through mutual understanding. The average salary in the UK is about £9.00 to £9.50 per hour. The personal security guard gets salary through negotiation and other benefits from the employer like medical assistance and accommodation.


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