Canada security guard jobs

Security is a serious issue, which is now a global issue and about all countries of the world are trying to tackle it. All countries of the world are adopting and introducing new security measures and methods. Similarly, Canada has also deep concerned with this security problem and for this purpose different organizations; companies, institutes, shopping malls, educational institutes, hotels, hospital and other public places demand security guards and equipment. Canada security guards secure different defined zones of companies or business units. Canada security guards are also hired for personal security or residential security to secure the premises. Canada security guards not only provide security in buildings, residential areas, but also patrolling on highways and public places. Canada security men search or monitor premises by foot and with the assistance of vehicles. Security guards stop suspicious individuals, vehicles and confirm the identification and then leaves. These securities guard position are demanded in industries, companies, homes, offices and public places like shopping malls.

The prime responsibilities of the security guard to secure the lives of the people, protect the properties and other assets. He is responsible for the securing of the defined area or premises. The security guard ensures the security of the employee at their workplace. Security guard provides a complete security reports to higher authority on the daily basis or weekly basis. He actively responds any emergency like fire and medical emergency at his patrolling area. The security guards completely check the defined area and monitor all hurdles. The security guards also get help from modern security equipment or technology like CCTV camera, alarm system, scanners, metal detectors and other devices. The security men keenly observe the movement of suspicious vehicles or individuals and then stop for identification. Security guard also controls mobs and other mishaps in industries and public places. The security guards regularly watching security cameras and monitor all movements of people and vehicles.

Qualification and experience
Canada security guards are filled by skilled, experienced and qualified individual. It is necessary for the security guard that he must have at least one year experience. Usually security job demands minimum high school education and relevant training or skills. Moreover, must have excellent communication skills. It is necessary for the security guard that he must be aware from all modern security devices and accessories. Moreover, he can handle and operate all these security equipment with the assistance of other. The security guard must be physical strong and alert at his duty-post. It is necessary that security guard must be active, punctual, alert and willing to work for long hours.

How to apply
Canada security guards jobs are advertised in news papers and online recruiting websites. These websites provide application format that demands personal information, academic qualification and related experience. In advertisement employer provide his contact number and email address to contact. Applicant can make contact with employer for job details and salary adjustment. However, valid visa holder staying in this country can apply for these securities guard position. Applicant can send application along with hard copies of documents at given postal address of the employer or security company. In Canada, only legal foreigners can apply for these security jobs within Canada.

Salary and other facilities
Canada security guards are appointed in different zones or areas to protect the lives and property of the public. Security guards provide their services at entry gates and exit passage. The security guard earns different salary packages from different employer or companies. However, this security job approximately earns $14/hour along with other facilities. The employer also provides minimum 90 days medical facility in hospital in case of any medical problem or issue.

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