Bahrain Immigration visa

Bahrain consists of about 30 Islands in Arabian Gulf area and it is the prime business route since centuries. This country is indulges in trading because it is a transit route in this region. The economy of this country is swiftly growing because of huge investment. The country changes his economic policy and developed many other ways of economy beside oil. This country welcomes investors to invest in industries, real estate and tourism. The lion share of national economy comes from oil and gas sector. However, Aluminum is largest product, which is exported to other countries of the world. There are thousands of overseas workers working in this country in different companies. They come in this country on work visa or work permit, which is issued for a limited period and can be renewed again within Bahrain. However, there is no specific rule for permanent residency. The sole way to get the permanent nationality of this country is to marriage to a native of this country, but it is not sure in case of non-Muslim.How to apply for immigration visa
The other extraordinary way to get the nationality of this country is through Bahrain’s ruler who can sanction about this permanent nationality in case of fantastic services for this country from many years. In the reward of classic work for this country the authorities can award the residence of this country for indefinite period. The kids of that parents in which one is the national of this country then the offspring can get the nationality of this country and secure native passport. A freeing nationality holder girl can get the nationality of this country by marring with national of this country. There are some other scenarios under which the foreigner can get citizenship of this country that is if a foreign worker is living legally and continuously in this country for the last 25 years. However, it is 15 years for Arab nationals, good in Arabic and has real estate in this country. In these case the foreigner will not have right of vote and representation in local government for ten years.

Procedure of immigration
The foreign worker who fulfill the mentioned condition for citizenship in this country like marriage with Bahrain national or spending 25 years in this country continually or in case of Arab national spend 15 years and have real estate in this country can apply for this citizenship. The new policy indicates that this period is about 20 years legal residency in this country for foreigners before the application for citizenship. In case of investment citizenship the investor must invest in Bahrain a specific amount for getting citizenship of this country. However, it is necessary for the overseas worker that he has cleaned record or moral character. Similarly he has enough funds to support himself in this country. The applicant will apply along with all relevant documents and claim of citizenship and file the case at General Directorate of Immigration and Passport (GDIP) in Bahrain.

Requirement for immigration visa
The Bahrain citizenship demands some fundamental requirement from the applicants applying for this visa within country or from outside the country. These followings documents are needed for proper case filed at General Directorate of Immigration and Passport or at the BIC in Bahrain.

1. Citizenship application form duly filled out and signed from the applicant.
2. In case of investment registration form for investors and proof of investment.
3. Valid copy of passport and copy of CPR card.
4. Fresh color passport sized photographs of applicant.
5. Medical fitness certificate from Ministry of health.
6. Proof of financial position in the form of latest tree month bank statement.

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