Dubai Immigration visa

Dubai a fantastic place for investment in different projects like construction, petroleum and other resources. Dubai is located in the Gulf region and it is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is economically stable and progressing rapidly. There are a lot of foreigners are living in this country and performing different services for this country or working their own companies. The United Arab Emirates does not have any permanent residency policy or immigration for overseas workers or visitors, but in some case the UAE government shows flexibility. The most important way of immigration in Dubai UAE is investment in large scale in any project running in this part of the world. Investment immigration is a type of immigration for overseas investors and gets a residency permit or visa. However, this residence permit is connected with approval of that particular investment and if it is approved, then the investor can live in this Emirate. Dubai offers huge chances of growth and fantastic living standard.Dubai invites the international investor to invest in these main segments and get resident permit as well as run business. The United Arab Emirates government provides chance to invest in new project, or invest in running company, or invest in United Arab Emirates real estate. The investor must be restricted in invested company and cannot invest any other company or business without prior permission from already existed and invested company employer. After, investment in Dubai company the investor gets a title of partner or owner and in this way he can live and work in this Emirate for next three years because the license is issued for three years. In case of free zone investment, then he needs a Free Trade Zone license prior to get residency permit. This visa is directly released by Immigration Department of Dubai. In case of real estate investment then it requires minimum 1 Million Durham. The resident permit in this category is valid for two years.

Procedure of immigration
Investment in company or purchasing property in Dubai allows the investor to live and work in this Emirate. In Dubai, under this category when the application approved for residence visa then the investor status changes into employer and his spouse and other family members can apply for resident visa in Dubai. The investor must prove that his earning is more than 4000 Durham per month and in this way he can sponsor his family members. The investor also provides lease agreement of that place where his family member will reside.

How to apply for immigration visa
The overseas investor now after investing in Dubai convert into employer and he can sponsor his family member as a resident. However, he must prove that he has enough money, which is minimum 4000 Durham per month and proof of residency in Dubai where they will stay. The family member when gets this investor visa then their status will be changed as a Dubai resident. In this way they can now get Dubai driving license.

Requirement for immigration visa
The residence or immigration Dubai visa demands some basic, but necessary documents from the investor and his family members to live in this country as an equal status of the Dubai residents. Initial and core requirement is fixed investment and a resident leased agreement. However, the followings are the basic requirement, which are necessary for Dubai immigration visa.

1. Duly filled relevant visa application form.
2. Fresh color passport sized six photographs.
3. Valid passport of applicant or investor.
4. Investment approval letter or Free Trade Zone license from Dubai.
5. Property leased agreement for residency of the investor in Dubai.
6. Valid passport of all family members or applicant.

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