Kuwait Immigration visa

Kuwait is located in Persian Gulf and this country has both traditional and modern touch in infrastructure. This country is full of natural resources like petroleum products and natural gas. Similarly, this country also exports seafood to other parts of the world. Kuwait has various native and overseas companies and firms working in this country. All these companies and forms hire different skilled and experienced individuals from other countries to overcome labor shortage. These employees return to their home countries after maturation of their work visa or work permit. Similarly tourists and visitors visit this country and go back to their related countries. There are no specific rules or tradition to stay here permanently as a citizen. So this country Kuwait does not allow the foreigners to get nationality of this country. There are thousands of foreign workers and visitors living in this country and if a child is born within the boundaries of this country will not be a citizen of this country according to Kuwait laws. Except this that one of two parents should be citizen of this country.In case child born by the national of this country will be eligible to get the nationality of this country by descent and there is no matter where this child has born in the world. If an overseas girl marry to national of this country can get the nationality of this country after 15 years residency in this part of the world. However, a foreigner male after marriage with Kuwait citizen will not titled for nationality of this country. Similarly, Kuwait does not recognize dual nationality. However, special permission from government for nationality will be entertained as a citizen of this country.

Procedure of immigration
The citizenship or nationality is granted by the Kuwait Ministry of Interior in following cases. There are few conditions through that a foreign individual can get nationality of this country if he is living since last 20 years in Kuwait and it is 15 years for Arab nationals. He must have clean moral character and not convicted in any crime. He must understand Arabic in both written, reading and specking. They case will be over viewed by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait and make a decision after thoroughly study the case.

How to apply for immigration visa
The applicant who is, desiring for citizenship in Kuwait will gather all required documents. Initially he will fill out the citizen application form and attach all required documents and declaration. Similarly he will also provide supporting documents in which he is looking for citizenship of this country. He also needs employer certification that indicates that he is serving here since that particular date, salary certificate and last three months bank statement. All these addition documents and citizenship application form along with visa processing fee receipt will be submitted at the office of the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait. The Ministry checks all concerned documents and application in detail and then decide whether he is allowed or not for the citizenship of this country.

Requirement for immigration visa
There are few common and basic requirements for Kuwait citizenship or nationality. The moist important requirement is the proof on the bases an applicant is applying for citizenship like marriage certificate, employee certificate in case it is over 20 years, etc. However, the followings are some fundamental requirements like.

1. Original passport of the Kuwait citizenship applicant.
2. Recent passport sized color photographs.
3. Citizenship application form duly signed and processing fee receipt.
4. Work visa or permit copy issued from the Ministry of labor and social affairs.
5. Medical fitness certificate from mentioned health unit of hospital.

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