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Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula and contains deserts, rivers and stretched seashores on the Persian Gulf. Oman is leading in natural resources specifically oil and gas. The oil products are exported to other parts of the world. Oman welcomes millions of workers from all over the world and they enhance the national economy of this country. These employees are hired for oil exploring companies, gas exploring companies, oil extracted and refineries, construction companies and other infrastructures. All these workers or employees enter this country through work permit or work visa. Oman always tries to appoint more skilled, experienced and qualified workers from international worker market. These employees earn handsome salary packages and other scheduled facilities. However, this country does not offer fluently the permanent resident visa to foreign workers, but in some case foreign employees are allow to live permanently in this country.
There are few basic laws regarding the Omani nationality including royal order no (3/83) and according to the article the followings are legally Omani national if,

1. Individual born in Oman or has an Omani father.
2. Individual born inside or outside Oman, but have Omani mother.
3. Individual born in Oman, but parents is not known.
4. Individual born in Oman, but father lost his Omani nationality.

However, according to another article (2) a foreigner can request for Omani nationality if,

1. An employee, who can read Arabic and write language properly.
2. In case applicant married to an Omani woman, then he should be there from last 10 to 20 years.

However, his stay away from this country should be not more than two month in particular years.

3. Applicant must have good moral character and not nominated in any offense.
4. He should be financially sound and can fulfill the demands of his other family members.
Procedure of immigration

The applicant who is in Oman since last 10 to 20 years and have good understanding of native Arabic language can apply for permanent resident status. He will file his case for permanent residency in the Ministry of Interior. In his official statement he will declare that he is going to give up his previous nationality and if his country laws permit it. If the Ministry of Interior admits his permanent residency request then the applicant will take oath in front of court that is, “I swear by Almighty God to be loyal to the Sultanate of Oman and to respect the laws, costumes, traditions, and be a good citizen as God is my witness”

How to apply for immigration visa
The employee, living in this country from last 10 to 20 years or have Omani wife can apply for the nationality or permanent residency visa. This visa requires specific permanent resident visa form which should be duly filled out by the applicant and provided all required information. This application form, employee card, valid passport and other required documents will be submitted in ministry of Interior in Oman for further processing. The Ministry of Interior studies the file in detail and then decides about the permanent resident visa. In case of acceptance the applicant and his family can live in this country and enjoy the same rights as native people entertained.

Requirement for immigration visa
There are few fundamental requirement for this permanent resident visa and for this the followings are some vital documents required for this visa.

1. Valid passport of the applicant.
2. Employee card or appointment letter from Omani employer.
3. Proof of stay in this country and salary slips.
4. Family members details and passport copies.
5. Document supporting claim of permanent residency in Oman.

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