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Qatar is leading oil and gas exporter in Gulf area because of this country has best economy in the world. Qatar is financially stable country in this part of the world due to natural resources which are exported to other countries of the world. Qatar is also leading in LNG production and export. Qatar has fantastic infra structure and thousands of native and international companies operating in this country. In Qatar, the leading companies are working in oil and gas exploring, construction and other industries. All these companies required different types of workers or employees for performing different jobs. This country brings the employees in this country on work visa or permit, but some financially stabled employees also bring their families in this country. Qatar does not allow anyone to get permanent residency in this country, but recently they have changed their visa policies and now permitting the foreigners to live in this country with some conditions.According to state news agency Qatar is now permitting some overseas to get permanent residency visa. The new draft indicates that Qatari women’s kids are allowed to get permanent residency of this country if this Qatari women is married with non-Qatari. Similarly, an overseas worker who has done marvelous job in this country is also eligible. The new permanent residency visa policy indicate that the minister of interior can award permanent residency ID to a foreigner, but for this he must fulfill all the required condition mentioned in residency policy. In this country, there are thousands of foreign workers working in different capacities, but in limited case permanent nationality is awarded. The new permanent residency status holder can now get free education and health facilities. They also have right of purchasing property and operate their own business with the assistance of native partner.

Procedure of immigration 
The new Qatar permanent residency policy is open for those foreigners who have married Qatari national wife. Similarly those workers or employees who come on work visa, but they have specific skills experience or qualification are also eligible for this permanent residence status. The foreigners who fulfill one of the two basic requirements will be granted with Qatar permanent resident visa, but they will apply for this in the Ministry of Interior. However, this case will be submitted in front of special committees that decide the fate of the case. The majority of the cases submitted by skilled employees and from education sector.

How to apply for immigration visa
Qatar employees or foreign worker working outstandingly in this country and contribute in the national economy has a right to apply for permanent resident status. Similarly, individual married Qatari national woman. He will file his case in the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. The reviewing committee will review this case and discuss with all concerned department and authorities prior to decision. When this permanent residency application is approved from the Ministry of Interior then the applicant can live, purchase property, run their own business and get benefits like native people. The newly permanent residents of Qatar can get national benefits like the native people just as free education for their kids and free medical facility.

Requirement for immigration visa  
Qatar permanent resident visa is only allowed those individuals having mention conditions, but it requires some fundamental requirements from the applicant of this visa. The followings are some necessary requirements like.

1. Valid passport and employee visa of the applicant.
2. Outstanding performance report from the Qatari employer.
3. Proof of marriage in the form of marriage certificate duly attested from concerned authorities.
4. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
5. Spouse identity card and other related documents

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