Saudi Arabia Immigration visa

Saudi Arabia is a vast Arab country, which is Islamic icon in Islamic world. This country is financially stable and earns its main economy income from oil export. There are various leading national and international companies operating in different segments like construction, oil exploring and industries. This country inducts million of overseas employees from all over the world for different jobs. These employees visit this part of the world on their work visa or work permit. However, after completion their work or on maturity of this work visa they return to their native home country because Saudi Arabia does not offer permanent citizenship to foreign workers. In rare case a foreign employee get Saudi Arabian citizenship. The limited ways are available to get the Saudi Arabian nationality and one of them is to marry a Saudi Arabian native, but it is no surety that after this, he/she will get the Saudi Arabian citizenship. If he/she gets citizenship, then he/she will must be ready to give up his/her natural citizenship. In Saudi Arabia dual citizenship is not allowed. This citizenship can be canceled if the marriage ends.
In exceptional cases King of Saudi Arabia can offer citizenship if the employee is fantastic in his performance and share a lot in the national economy of the Saudi Arabia for many years. According to the new citizenship laws introduced in this country and the citizenship is awarded for ten years which will be on trial basis. In this period the new citizen will monitor and his character is checked during this period. In case of any false statement his right of citizenship may be canceled.How to apply for immigration visa
If the applicant fulfill all basic requirement, then he can fill out citizenship application form along with required documents. According to point based system he scores desire points, then the authorities will decide the fate of the application. In case of fantastic job performance then authorities can easily decide the citizenship. Similarly, in case of marry to Saudi national is also a simple case. The applicant files his case in interior ministry and then authorities decide on merit. If he is allowed for citizenship, then he will enjoy the same rights as available for native individual.

Procedure of immigration
The application for citizenship is filed at the Department of Immigration and this application is judged by professional or official representatives. There is a breakup of points for the qualification of this application just as the total point is 33. If an applicant is staying in this country for ten years will award ten points. The professional skills can provide full 13 points if the employee is fully skilled and qualified. However, 10 points may be awarded in case applicant has doctorate degree in any science subject. Similarly, eight points may award if the applicant has master degree and the last 10 points can be provided if the applicant has family relation with native individual.

Requirement for immigration visa
Saudi Arabian citizenship is rarely awarded to individual who qualify or apply on the legal basis like application on the basis of marriage, on the basis of at least ten years working experience or outstanding performance in this country. However, there are some basic requirements which must be provided by the applicant.

1. The applicant must be adult and work in this country at least ten years. 
2. He should be physically strong and mentally alert.
3. Applicant must be professional in his profession.
4. He must be good in Arabic language like speaking, reading and writing. 
5. Applicant must have excellent moral character. 
6. Attested copies of marriage certificate along with valid passport copies.

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