What are the Documents Pakistani Students Require for the Australian Study Visa the complete checklist is available to this page so student do consult these page so that at the time of submission of form you do not lack of the any of the document that can cause rejection. Australia is very famous for its quality education so that is the reason that every year many Pakistani students apply for the Australian Study visa so that they moved to the Australia for the study reason and could get the international study exposure. To guide the students there are many study Abroad Consultant in Pakistan that can guide you properly that through which way the chances of your acceptance of the Students Visa for Australia is more. But no matter if you are applying on your own basis what you need to do is just know the proper channel and the time of form submission do view this checklist so that if any documents is required but you do not attached it then you can do this at the right time on the right place because once its rejected then the next procedure is little bit complicated. so have a look on all the required Documents for Visa process
Documents Required For Australian Student Visa for Pakistani

Australian Study Visa Checklist;

Following section will give you a list of documents required for Australian Study Visa. Please keep in mind that every student’s case is different and should be prepared for visa application differently so remember to give us any other document that seem relevant to your case.

A fully completed Application Form 157A that is filled with the correct information
The Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) certificate that is issued by the International University it is also called an offer letter for the Admission
A slip of payable money order for the Visa Application Processing fee to the department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) though any mode of transfer money
Copies of your Passport at the time of application submission
Recently taken fresh photographs four in number that are taken with the plain background and 45mm * 35mm in size. Candidates have to mentioned his or her name on the back of each picture
Relationship evidence which is between you and all of your other family member
Birth Certificate issued by the NADRA
If applicable then the marriage certificate of the candidates
A Medical Report that is issued by the Health Services Australia (HAS) along with X-Ray too
Full proof evidence that you have already paid Overseas Student health Cover (OSHC) for the next 12 month or more
All of your academic certificate that you have completed yet now.
A report of the IELTS or TOEFL Score / Band
Evidence that show that you already have much funds that you can bear your tuition fee as well as your living
A money deposit slip that you have paid to the educational institute from which you are going to take admission
Evidence of your or sponsor income
Those students who are under 18 years need a statement by the sponsor and education provider for all the responsibility of study and accomodation.


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