There are many people who want to know that how to get UK student visa from Pakistan. In the year 2014 some of the new policies have come up by the government of the United Kingdom in support of the Tier 4 Student Visa. According to these changes it has become quite impossible for the foreign nationals to work up inside UK in an illegal way by the path of student visa. In the past if you are going to UK on the student visa then no one asks you that in which university you are going and what will be your subjects. But according to this new policy if you are applying for the student visa then you have to mention inside the visa about the details of your university and the main subjects that you will be studying.
How To Get UK Student Visa From Pakistan
How To Apply For UK Visa From Pakistan?

If you want to enter inside UK with the help of student visa then you have to make sure that you get the minimum score of 40 points on behalf of your application to be considered.
In addition UK Border Agency awards you with the maximum 30 points if in case you pass through the complete requirements of the visa.
You have to submit up all your documents inside the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number so that you would be able to get 30 points.
You can get into UK for the student visa inside the publicly funded educational institutions, universities and colleges are among those institutions.
Apart from it till the time when government is all accessing that whether you are able to pass through the visa all the applicants are required to prove that whether they are able to support their studies and themselves while in the UK. For this reason the student is all required to submit a bank statement or a certification of financial capacity is the documentary proof that will in return give him out with the 10 points.
For the readers we would like to mention that if you are living inside the London then you total living cost will be £7200. Apart from the living cost you should be able to hold away the cost of your expenses and fees as well.
You can submit up the application through post or by person as well.If you are posting then the fee will be £357 in support of the main applicant.
So these were some of the main features that you have to keep in mind at the time of applying UK student visa from Pakistan!


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